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Psychosocial Symptoms of Potential Suicide

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Most individuals who end their life have previously given subtle and potentially unnoticeable hints they have been experiencing profound psychological difficulties.

Some clues may be in the emotions they express and changed behaviour.

Mental Indicators

  • Prolonged depressed mood - lasting longer than a low mood.

  • Their facial expressions may be blank, expressionless or seem sad/low most of the time.

  • Expresses self-depreciation.

  • Often found to be tearful.

  • They are socially isolated by choice or withdraw from most - if not all activities and people.

  • It is becoming increasingly anxious.

Physical Indicators

  • Change in appearance - often significantly different from just a haircut. Their face may seem slimmer or as though it has gained weight.

    • This may indicate someone's mood and self-image.

  • Omission for their hygiene.

  • Lack of motivation or energy to dress - often from the clothes they sleep in or their loungewear.

  • They may move slower than usual.

Social Indicators

  • Talking about feeling hopeless or having no purpose.

  • Talking about being a burden to others.

  • Withdrawing from friendship groups or generally.

  • Being agitated, anxious or reckless.

  • Talking about subjects like death and what will happen to people they know after is out of the ordinary for them.

changes that may result in suicidal behaviour


  • A noticeable change in work habits.

  • Lower quality or quantity work.

  • Attitude towards work changes, often suddenly.

  • Lack of interest.

Family & Relationships

  • Relationship breakdown.

  • Parental Custody.

  • Frequent arguing.

  • Problems conceiving a baby.

  • Financial problems / debt.

Personal & Social Changes

  • Limited income & Financial problems / debt.

  • Goals not being met.

  • Interpersonal problems.

  • Loss or lack of support from family and friends.

Changes to usual behaviour

  • Avoiding family or friends

  • Decreased or no sexual interests or drive.

  • Loss of interest in people.

  • Loss of interest in hobbies.

Part 3 will be out soon.

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