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Understanding Suicide

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

There are signs a person may be experiencing suicidal feelings; these are exhibited in behaviours such as:

  • Making threats of suicide

  • Suicide attempts

  • Gestures of suicide

A threat is usually before or when an individual has planned an attempt. Statements like, “You’ll be alright without me.” “I can’t take anymore.” “I’ll soon be gone.”

A threat is an indication the person is experiencing thought processes but a decision hasn’t been made.

A suicide gesture is what we know as a cry for help.

They are thinking of ways they can be rescued from a suicide attempt.

  • They may call or text someone to tell them they have taken an overdose or done something which has put them at risk or harmed them.

Personal Example:

In 2018, I posted a picture of myself and dated it - from the date I was born to that present day; the present day being the end of my life. I posted this during what was my decision-making process. My post was immediately questioned and was likely what I was desperate for because I wanted to be rescued.

I have come a long way since therapy and to notice these things is powerful.


  • The person’s usual self changes greatly very suddenly. They may start spending more money than they earn or giving money or valuables away, often as a gift donation or as a way to thank someone.


  • The point the usual problem-solving and decision-making methods no longer work and are inadequate.

  • During crisis, they may decide suicide is the only way to solve the problems and struggles they face.

Causes leading to potential suicide


  • Feelings of sadness.

  • Despair and discouragement

  • It may be disruptive to the individual e.g. brain fog.

  • Decreased ability to think.

  • Lower physical ability, including sexual desires.

  • Guilt.

  • Hopelessness.

  • Self-blame or condemnation.

  • Eating and sleeping disorders.


Intervention refers to treatment by professionals to support individuals with coping methods using resources available to them. Self-Care is a large contributor to coping with suicidal feelings.

Myths & Facts

Suicide attempts are any actions taken that would result in death if uninterrupted.

Personal loss is a possible cause of suicide, including:

  • A relationship breakdown or end.

  • The death of a loved one, partner, child, parent, sibling, friend or pet.

There is a great deal of misinformation around suicide, and we want to change that.


"People who talk about it won't do it."


About 80% of those people who talk about it end their life.

  • Someone who talks about it may be giving an indirect warning.


If you ask someone about their feelings, whether they are suicidal or not, they are likely to be relieved someone is concerned or has noticed they are actively struggling.


"Suicidal people are mentally unwell."


They are desperately unhappy, not necessarily mentally unwell.

  • Depression, however, is a mental illness and is a large contributing factor to suicide.

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