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Take Back Your Mind UK is a nonprofit organisation working to create healthier minds by raising awareness and tackling stigmas associated with mental health and mental illness

We are here to help tailor new coping strategies, supporting individuals on their journey to healthier minds.

Take Back Your Mind UK is an independent nonprofit organisation with the goal to make talking about mental health a norm within society, educating people on possible signs of mental health problems in themselves and others, tackling stigmas head-on in the process and providing tips on self-help and well-being.

We aim to provide a range of services, whether it's with the app we're developing, via text, social media or in person at mental health hubs. To do these, we need your help.

TBYMUK is a company limited by guarantee, a nonprofit charitable company/organisation. All of the work volunteers do is remote and online based. Visit the Volunteer page for more.


George Griffiths

Chief Executive

"We can and will create healthier minds. Together, we can do better."


In December 2018, at the impressive age of 17, George founded Take Back Your Mind UK (TBYMUK). Driven by a passion for mental health advocacy, he recognised the urgent need for change in addressing stigmas around mental health challenges, but to raise awareness of the numerous mental health problems present in today's society. George set out to create healthier minds.

Take Back Your Mind UK follows the Code of Fundraising by the Fundraising Regulator.


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