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Volunteering with
Take Back Your Mind UK

Take Back Your Mind UK is a great opportunity to get involved with campaigns for mental health, helping us to tackle stigmas head-on, raise awareness and create healthier minds.


We have a range of positions you could volunteer your time for with us, from digital development, research, and social media to joining our recruitment team to help find people to contribute to driving our organisation forward.

We are very flexible and appreciate any time volunteers can provide. Get involved and use your skills to support our mission! 

"How much time do I have to volunteer?"

We ask volunteers to contribute 4-8 hours a month, if they can.

"Can I do more than one role?"

Absolutely! If you have skills and knowledge you want to put into practice, then by all means, show them off!

"What do I need to volunteer?"

We specify what skills, knowledge and experience we look for in volunteers for each role.

"Can I choose when I volunteer?"

Yes. We will arrange any tasks or meetings around your unavailability.

Indeed Review - Content Creator

"Fun With a Great Culture"

Take Back Your Mind UK has by far been the best experience in terms of workplaces I've had in my working life.

The volunteers are fantastic, the Chief Executive and management is fantastic and everything is very straightforward. There is guidance and support at every turn, and empowerment to help discover and build on our own abilities.

So proud to be a volunteer

Recruitment Partner

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